Johnny Henry and Rob Boyle are Missouri-based singer/songwriters with a taste for meaningful lyrics, stong harmonies and good times. Johnny is a St. Louis native with a long history in the music business. He was the front man in the band "Spur" for over seven years and spent much of that time performing around the country alongside many of country music's greatest artists.  

Rob Boyle is a songwriter with roots in northern New England. Born in toronto, Rob moved to Millinocket when he was 5 years old and grew up and graduated from Stearns High School. Rob spend afternoons on the local ski trails and bagged groceries in Millinocket's supermarkets. Rob received his first guitar in 1975 and by the time he graduated in 1986, he had become highly involved with the high school music program and began to chronicle his hometown experiences through songwriting. 30 years have passed sonce Rob left Millinocket but he still credits hsi hometown for giving him a lifetime of inspiration. 

Johnny and Rob met several years ago and immediately began a musical collaboration that resulted in their first album called "One November Night" a live recording from the famed Sheldon Concert Hall. They continue to write, travel and perform together in venues from Chicago to Austin and from Phoenix to New York.