Trail Projects

Hard Core Trail Project 

Give back to the Trail, earn your Hard Core Patch. The MATC and the AT Lodge will meet at the KIW gate at 9:00am on Friday, Sept.16th. The AT Lodge will pick hikers up at Cooper Brook at 7:00 am.  We will drive to the Gulf Hagas Parking lot, distribute tools, wade across the west branch of the Pleasant River and follow the AT (north) about 1-1 1/2 miles.  Our project will be to improve drainage along the historic Pleasant River Rd section of the AT where the trail is low and muddy.  We will excavate one side of the trail and build up the other with earth and stone. We hope to complete 100-200 ft of trail in one day.  After the project there will be transportation back to the AT Lodge for a Hiker Feast and music in the Park. Free in town camping at Katahdin Cabins and free rides back to pick up points on Sunday. The AT Lodge will help provide long pants (required) and work gloves. MATC will provide eye wear, hard hats and all tools for the project.  The AT Cafe will provide bag lunches. 

If you wish to be part of this great project call the AT Lodge at 207-723-4321 to sign up or arrange for pickup at Cooper Brook.  Sign up at Shaw's in Monson and they will provide transportation to Gulf Hagas parking lot.